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    • After a lifetime trying to learn English without succeeding, I have found this academy where I am succeeding. I don't know of a better academy. I recommend it 100%

      LM MG Avatar LM MG
      octubre 8, 2020

      Totally recommendable. They are specialists in making you feel comfortable communicating in the language you are learning. Use new technologies. Although the best thing of all is that Joe and... más

      Miguel del Portillo Avatar Miguel del Portillo
      enero 11, 2018
    • My children have attended the summer camp organized by Humanitas and have been delighted! the attitude of the teachers is very good, original activities and the linguistic immersion is total.... más

      Ruben Ramos Avatar Ruben Ramos
      julio 31, 2019

      Excellent teachers, they have prepared me for the B2 in record time and with note. Highly recommended!

      Nuria Márquez Avatar Nuria Márquez
      septiembre 30, 2019
    • My son spent two weeks this summer at the Summer Camp taught at the facilities of the Monte Tabor school and he came enchanted. The monitors are native. They are... más

      María J. Rodríguez Avatar María J. Rodríguez
      julio 31, 2019

    Nuestra metodología se basa en el aprendizaje natural de la lengua materna. A continuación encontrarás algunos videos sobre como trabajamos y unos mensajes de nuestros alumnos:

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