Your English School in Avenida de Europa, Pozuelo de Alarcón / Aravaca

What distinguishes us most from traditional schools is the close and human treatment on the one hand and, on the other, our dedication to using a communicative and natural methodology.

It would be easier to pick up some old books and follow them, but you deserve better.

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English Courses for Adults

A good level of English remains of great importance for professional development in almost any sector. Many people require a degree to advance their career.

But what motivates us at Pozuelo is that English is de facto the world’s lingua franca. Mastering it opens the doors to the entire world. It brings you closer to people from many cultures.

Join our community and let yourself be infected by our passion for communication.

Below we describe each course we currently offer:

English Breakfasts - Learn by speaking and sharing moments (Currently inactive)

For many years, we have met from 9:00 to 10:30 from Monday to Thursday and we learn English in a fluid, dynamic and flexible way. We recommend a minimum level of A2 and people attend up to a C2 level.

The agenda is very varied and surprising: News, exercises, music, history, art, philosophy and personal anecdotes.

And, possibly most importantly, it is a safe place where you will receive explanations and corrections in real time and in context, just as natural and effective language learning requires.

Choose the number of hours you want to attend per week and you can come when it is convenient for you each week. No need to notify or reserve; full flexibility.


Business English - Improve your English with other professionals (Currently inactive)

From Monday to Thursday, from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m., you can enjoy the same type of teaching as in the mornings, but much more focused on the business world.

We will read together the news of the day on the economy, finances, technologies and sales techniques. We will do simulations of presentations, meetings and interviews.

We will share our experiences and tips while one of our teachers will provide you with explanations and corrections in real time.

Join the group and you will see how your classmates notice the improvement in your level.

Like English Breakfasts, we offer flexible hours for this group.

English for Beginners - To build a solid foundation (Currently inactive)
Nobody is born knowing any language and there is no shame in starting from scratch, or very little.

But don’t expect us to study the verb «to be» and study a list of irregular verbs. At Pozuelo, we work with a methodology that we call «Guided Immersion». You will speak English from the first moment and we will help you acquire vocabulary and structures in a natural, enjoyable way that really works.

Congratulations on making the decision to finally learn this language! It is a fascinating language that will bring you closer to many more people.


B2 Preparation Station - To reach a B2 level and get a degree if you wish.

What most distinguishes us from traditional language academies is our flexible and natural methodology.

We use a subtle mix of linguistic immersion, cooperative learning, group dynamics, drilling, role plays and other techniques to create an experience adapted to each person.

Each student is different and we dynamically adapt our content to make it as relevant as possible. It is important to note that we do not offer courses with closed content. Below you have a video that explains in more detail the bases of how we work.


Monday to Thursday 19:30-20:30

C1+ Preparation Station - To get a C1-C2 level qualification or just to practice.

This group is for people who want to reach a level sufficient to get a C1 or C2 title. Our philosophy for this group is to push as hard as we can every day. We are not here to make it easy for you.

Group exercises, debates, projects, presentations… We use all our tools to expand your vocabulary to a much higher level while insisting on every detail of the grammar.

This group is an intense yet fun guided immersion experience. Don’t just paddle around waiting, dive right in and get the job done!

Monday to Thursday 20:30-21:30


English Courses for Children
People come to our school, Pozuelo, to play, to explore. People come to our school to think and learn.

They do not come to study the language because we are not teaching them linguistics, but a language.

This does not mean that we do not have objectives, nor that it is totally anarchic. We develop student-centered projects that encourage them to cooperate, solve problems and learn vocabulary and structures in English through understandable contexts.

3-6 Years (Pre-reading)

From 16:30-17:30 or 17:30-18:30 from Monday to Thursday we have groups for children in the pre-reading phase.

It is important that children learn to speak and understand English before being introduced to writing as writing is a representation of spoken language. One of the main problems that Spanish speakers have is to start trying to read English before knowing how it sounds.

The activities are fun and varied, touching on art, geography, science and… games just to play and enjoy!

7-12 years
From 18:30-19:30 from Monday to Thursday.

These ages are essential to get a solid base to reach a good level.

We work mainly through projects and workshops, choosing topics according to the children’s interests, what they are learning at school and their ages.

Some examples could be:

  • Create a video about what they imagine the future of schools will be like using their own drawings.
  • Design a mobile application in teams that solves a problem that they have identified.
  • Create a sculpture that expresses an emotion and explain it to the rest of the class.
  • Write and present a play about a conflict between two groups and how it is resolved.

Apart from projects, we also play games, do experiments, create art and much more.

According to demand, we usually have a group of teenagers not focused on preparing for official exams, one to get the B2 level and those who want to prepare higher levels are generally with adults.

The methodology we use depends on the objectives of the students in each group.

Our methodology is based on the natural learning of the mother tongue. Below you will find some videos about how we work and some messages from our students:

The price of the courses at Pozuelo depends on the number of hours per week you want to attend and the chosen payment period:

WE DO NOT CHARGE TUITION OR MATERIALS. However, to formalize the reservation of the place, we charge the last month of the course in advance. In the case of monthly payment, we will not charge the last month. In the case of quarterly payment, we will make a refund at the end of the course. In the case of annual payment, we do not take any advance payment.

We offer a 5% discount to each additional family member who signs up for up to 15% in total.

10% discount for people who are unemployed.

Students who start in September, or who join after the beginning of any other month, will pay the proportional part of the month.

There is the possibility of splitting the payment of our camps and intensive summer courses throughout the course. Do not hesitate to ask if you want to receive more information about this option.

Do you have a difficult situation? Tell us… we are human beings and we lend a hand when we can.

General conditions:

Invoices are issued at the beginning of each month and the maximum term to pay the amount is two calendar weeks.

If we have a place available in a group when a month or quarter has already started, we will evaluate if it is possible to enter without affecting the dynamics of the group and, if it is possible, we only charge the proportional part of what remains of the quarter or month. .

For courses other than the regular ones, and specific workshops, we will inform you of the payment conditions before starting.

The possible forms of payment are: cash, bank transfer, payment by credit or debit card or PayPal.

Charges are per calendar month / quarter / semester / entire course.

We reserve the right of admission.